It’s All a Blur

The Daily Post weekly photography challenge asks us to show something that is a blur.

2014-11-28 07.29.13

This is an image of my Florida driftwood Christmas tree with sunlight reflecting on it from between the slats of the blind that covers the window.  The sunlight has a surreal look to it, almost as if the photo is out of focus.

file-3_thumb.png   Click on this image on my blog to find more photography challenge images.

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10 thoughts on “It’s All a Blur”

    1. I took this photo at Christmas and thought that it looked too blurry to use on my blog. Now, I am glad that I kept it. Thanks Maria.


    1. I believe it looks different from the wavy sunlight coming through the blind. The light was just right and created a mottled appearance.


    1. Thank you Viva. I almost deleted the picture because it was so hazy. The dappled sunlight really made it look different.


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