One Word Photo Challenge – “SUN”

The creative Jennifer Nichole Wells topic this week is the sun! Many thanks to her for hosting this fun photo challenge that is weather related!

To participate:

  • Create a new post on your blog titled “One Word Photo Challenge: Sun”
  • Include an image or images that you feel fit the theme
  • Tag your post with “One Word Photo Challenge” so that others can find your contribution
  • Have fun!

Links to your contribution will be shared on the next week’s post.

Here are some pictures of sun or sunlight:

The infamous, “Horse-Hole.”

Sun, and the darkness of Fairy Swamp beyond…

Early sun slips into Fairy Swamp

Thanks for popping in for a chat. I enjoyed seeing all of you!


A Blogging Tip.

My sentiments exactly! Well said Ronovan!


It’s time to take a step back. I notice a lot of people looking at wanting to know how to increase the number of people that follow them on a blog or on Twitter or some other social media outlet. Is that why you first created a blog? Or first chose THAT name for your Twitter Handle? Did you choose @psychochix666 hoping it would attract people to you? Your blog is called myrandomthoughtsaboutstuff. Very enthralling and makes me want to head right on over.

Ronovan Writes is not exactly a “come and meet me” blog title. It’s just what I do. But we all get caught up for a time in the numbers for a moment as people start following us and we see our numbers get close to a certain cool looking number. Then we go nuts.

For a time we begin writing anything we think will draw people…

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Mindful Monday – Writing With a Purpose

Welcome to Mindful Monday! I have found that being mindful encompasses the act of being watchful, aware, wary, heedful, alert, careful, or attentive, in whatever area in my life I feel it applies to. Each week I try to self-discover new things about myself.

Last week, I talked about mindfulness practices for children and was pleasantly surprised from the comments at how many of us adults felt like we would benefit from our own glitter mind jars. That got me to thinking even more about getting in touch with my own feelings and how that pertains to my writing.

My good friend Dorne, from Write Dorne, wrote an excellent article about getting in touch with your inner child when you write. It is a great read.

Dorne says, “Kids look at things with a freshness and innocence. Why can’t we look at things in a similar way?”

What an excellent point, I thought. On Friday, I found myself stuck at a particular spot in the writing of my book. It was my first snag, and I was really struggling with where I wanted to go in the story. I wanted to move forward, but I couldn’t because I was thinking like an adult.

I tried to meditate, but that did not work. I just could not calm down my thoughts. I was quite frustrated and finally gave it up for the day. I decided that I needed a break from writing.

That night, I lay there calming my thoughts and breathing slowly. I started to relax, and I told myself that I needed to think like a child would. I knew if I could do that I would solve my writing dilemma.

I began to dream. My subconscious mind dealt with my story line. The next morning, I jumped up and ran into my creative room to write down the next chapter in my story. I had figured it out.

Sometimes you just have to let go and see things at a child’s level. When we do that, we see things with fresh sight. It makes a huge difference in our perspective. Meanings become clearer. The fog clears.

writing mindfully

(Click on the image to enlarge it, or visit the article on the Huff Post) Image courtesy of The Huff Post.

Remember, this is not a challenge.  This is an offering of support.  If you would like to join in with your own Mindful Monday goals you can do so in the comments, or on a separate post of your own making.  If you want to link back to my post, please feel free to do so however, it is not necessary.  My main objective here is to give, and get support to become more mindful of the things I take for granted in my life.

What are your mindful goals for this week? I am going to slow down and pace myself more in my writing and my eating. How about you?

Thank you for all the fabulous blog posts I am seeing in our WordPress community about mindfulness. It is a joy to see so many of you sharing your mindful goals. Thank you for enriching my life with your experiences, and thank you so much for joining me in my pursuit of becoming more mindful.  I appreciate your support!

Image credit: Get Healthy U

This quote is from the Get Healthy U website:

“Do you Namaste? And do you really even know what Namaste means? Have you heard your yoga teacher say it at the end of class and either ignored it or wondered what the heck it means? There are so many different definitions for this powerful Sanskrit word. Here are several:

  • I bow to you.
  • I am a reflection of your divine light.
  • I salute all that is divine within you.
  • The spirit in me honors the spirit in you.
  • The light in me honors the light in you.
  • May the divine in me honor the divine in you.”

I wish much peace and joy to everyone this week. Namaste.


Indie Authors: How do you define success?

I think Mark says what most of are thinking! What does success mean to you?

Author Mark W Sasse

What does success mean for independent authors?

Robust sales? (this, of course, needs defined)

An eventual publishing contract?

A certain number of reviews on Amazon?

One great letter from a reader who enjoyed your book?

More sales this year than last?

A blog that has an increasing reach?

I’m starting to think that success for independent authors might be defined differently by every single independent author. I’m sure there are those authors who are waiting for the big day when a novel finally breaks through the noise and sells tens of thousands of copies. That would be one type of success – commercial success.

And perhaps that is the motivation of some authors – fame, money, a traditional publishing deal, a house at Cape Cod, summer vacations in Santorini, etc…

I’m not opposed to money and selling books. Actually, I wouldn’t mind selling some more and increasing my bank account…

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Blog Growth Hack: A Cheat Sheet for Getting More Followers

What great advice!


Reblogging will increase your blog traffic. Reblogging accomplishes the same goal as guest posting but is much faster.

You know what to do, right?  You’ve heard it many times before.

If you want to get more eyes on your blog, you should guest post.

For years now, much has been written over the value of guest posting.  If you want to increase your visibility, guest posting is the answer.

This post is going to challenge the value of guest posting and explain a much quicker way to accomplish the same purpose to get more visibility to your content and increase your readership.

By the end of the post, you will receive an action plan for getting more followers right away.

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Motivation of the Indie Author

Just reading this gave me tons of motivation to stay on task! Thank you Charles!

Legends of Windemere

Yahoo Image Search Yahoo Image Search

An interesting question was asked about indie authors and motivation.  Without a boss of any kind, we make our own deadlines that are about as flexible as an overcooked noodle. It gets even harder when the person is a full-time author.  So how does one stay on track as a solitary organism operation?  Cloning?  Train mice to do your bidding?  Extra wives/husbands?  Removing all feasible distractions from TV to ceiling fans to any length of string?  Let’s see some ideas.

  1. A blog can help by making public goals that are either weekly or monthly.  This creates a sense of accountability since you, hopefully, have people reading your blog.  They will know if you slack off or aren’t writing at all.  I would call this the ‘forging of guilt and shame’ path.  At least you try to avoid those two things.
  2. Make a personal deadline for things.  This…

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Grab a cup of tea, or coffee, and come on in and grab a comfy seat. Today, I met up with Alienora Taylor, the author of “The Lyre of Logres.” She has been quite busy organizing a book signing event in her local area to feature her newest releases on Amazon. Check it out and see if you can attend. Leave it to Silver to get the scoop on all the best happenings in Blogland!

Ali says,

“This Thursday, St George’s Day, April 23rd, promises to be a great occasion for those of you who leave off the grabbing sword and rescuing chained virgin from nasty old dragon routine – and, instead, pop into Di Bradley’s lovely Nightjar Pub, in Worle, for a stoup of ale and an evening of riotous entertainment.

The event kicks off at 8pm and will go on until 11pm.

Books there will be aplenty. In addition to copies of my five, there will be copies of ‘My Sister lives on the Mantelpiece‘ by Annabel Pitcher being given away.”

“There will be CAKES:”

Ali has been slaving away in her kitchen all day!

Look at these marvelous cakes! She writes and bakes!

I have gotten to know Ali Taylor the last few months by following her blog, “Chronicles of an Orange Haired Woman.” I also, have had the pleasure of reading most of her books. I did a review of, “Riding on the Gates of Sixty – Virginia Woolf,” which you can find here, on Lit World Interviews.

In between her busy morning, I managed to ask her a few questions:

Ali, tell me something about yourself. Where do you live? Are you a full time writer?

I am fifty-seven years of age, was an English teacher for thirty years and am now a full time writer. I live in a village named Wrington. It is in North Somerset, roughly half way between Bristol and Weston-super-Mare.

What inspired you to write this book? Have you written other books?

I have written four other books. One is a book of humorous and lyrical erotica; the second a semi-autobiographical humorous novel set in a school; the third is a retelling of Virginia Woolf’s death and life from the point of view of the novelist herself, her husband and her sister; the fourth is a series of pieces relating to the Western Mystery Tradition.

Ever since I started writing, nearly fifty years ago, I have had a particular love of describing the landscape in all its glory and variety – and latterly, this pleasure has been joined by my sense of music thrumming from Mother Earth.

In “The Lyre of Logres,” which contains forty-five short pieces, the underlying metaphor is that of the lyre – and my contention, though largely implied, is that the actions and thoughts and emotions of human beings act upon the strings of the Earth’s lyre, causing it to vibrate and sing songs. These are my songs from, and for, our Earth. Logres is the name given to the Inner Landscape of Britain.

What is the message you want your readers to get from The Lyre of Logres?

I would love readers to see the world as the beautiful and fragile place that it is; to see the many delights of nature so many of us take for granted; to see that we are all connected by the web that is Mother Earth; to see the importance of magic and the imagination; to see clearly the way cruelty and greed and spite affect not just humans, but also despoil and wound our precious planet.

Ali, tell us who your favorite author is, and explain what really inspires you about their work.

My favourite author is the late, and greatly lamented, Terry Pratchett. I adore his humour – and have long wanted to BE either Granny Weatherwax or Nanny Ogg – and his amazing ability to create an imaginative world more real than our own in some ways. There is wisdom and humanity and gentle digs at pomposity in his work, but never meanness, never spite, never bitterness. A writer who can create Death as a lovable character gets my vote!

Ali secretly, tell us what was the hardest part about writing your book?

The editing, formatting and promoting, without a doubt; it always is. I have been writing for DECADES – and that store of words (plus pieces I am proud of from my blog) has become an outpouring into my five novels. But, each time, I struggle mightily, and weep often, at the sheer technical difficulties involved in self-publishing.

Ali, when is your Media Thunderclap scheduled? What day did you publish your book?

My Thunderclap is scheduled for Monday 27th April – and, yes, I published the book on April 12, 2015.

In fact, to join in Ali’s Media Thunderclap event, please click here. It only takes a moment, and it is free! Ali is at 55% of her goal and she needs to reach 100% for her event to get the word out about her new book. Your participation will make a difference.

Lastly, what was the inspiration behind the cover of your book?

A friend from my teaching days, Carolyn Eaton, has become a photographer – and she contacted me a few days ago, asking if I would like to use one of her images on the cover of my next book. I looked through her wonderful portfolio and was instantly drawn to Sunset on the Somerset Levels. The image was mysterious, mystical and stunningly beautiful; it evoked the world of Avalon, the Arthurian Legends, Glastonbury (which is just down the road) and was exactly the image of Logres I wanted to portray. It was almost as if that image had been waiting for me!

Many thanks Ali for taking the time to allow us to get to know you better. The best of luck on your book signing event today, to your Thunderclap Media event, and to the future sales of your book.


The Trade-offs of Promotion

Help Mark Sasse by supporting his thunderclap AND by nominating him on Kindle Scout. Only takes a few clicks… no cost to you the reader. Thanks for supporting our authors! ❤

Author Mark W Sasse

As anyone familiar with this blog is aware, I’m in the middle of a campaign on Kindle Scout to, hopefully, get a publishing contract for my new novel.

One of my on-line book reviewers suggested that I start a Thunderclap campaign to help get the word out about my Kindle Scout campaign.

I looked into it and thought it would be a great idea. But then, as I started moving forward with both campaigns at once, it became obvious that the people I’m contacting began to see both as one and the same. Hmmm. What to do?

During the first 5 days of my Kindle Scout campaign, I pushed the promotional button hard, trying to get people to nominate me on my Kindle Scout page. It worked. I got a swell of early support that put the novel on the “Hot and Trending” track.

I was getting very little traction…

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One Word Photo Challenge – “Rain”

Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge has reset for a new year! This year her challenge will feature weather related events. Check out her blog here to learn more.

Jennifer says, “The challenges will still just be 1 word long, for you to interpret in any way you please. If you want to share pictures of actual weather events do that! But you don’t have to. Share a photo of how rain makes you feel or what you do during a snow storm. Share an image of your sunny day supplies or your emergency weather kit. Anything goes it just has to make sense to you!”


Silver and Jennifer got rained out!

Fairy Swamp is filled with the life-blood of the slough – moisture that fell from last week’s rains. I love how moody this photo is. A light rain began to fall as I stood there drinking in the natural beauty of the area. The smells were intoxicating.

Bushes I have never seen bloom before are full of clusters of heavy white flowers. The entire area is awash in the magnificence of spring!

Rain drops glisten on an unopened magnolia blossom.

Thanks for stopping by for a taste of my Pensacola, Florida spring! I can’t wait to see you all again.

“Demons & Pearls,” by P. S. Bartlett is Ready to Board! Join the Crew Mates! Raise the Flag! FIRE!

Ahoy and welcome aboard the Hi-Ho Silver Threading! Arrgh Matey! Glad you could make it today to meet my friend and author, Peggy Bartlett. I managed to hold her hostage here for a bit, so that we could learn more about her new book, “Demons & Pearls,” which was released on April 14, 2015!

“Had I known the repercussions of murdering the captain of a pirate ship, I may have taken the time necessary to rethink the act. As if I’ve ever had a choice that didn’t involve a fight or at the very least, defending myself against some man, hell-bent on destroying me or my kin.”

Peggy tells us about “Demons & Pearls:” “All we wanted was our freedom. All we found were demons disguised as men. A woman pirate needs friends, big strong male friends, to survive in this unforgiving land of thieves and murderers—at least until she gets on her feet. Of course, trying to find one person you can trust is like finding an oyster with a perfect pearl in it—you have to break a few shells and get your hands dirty. We were lucky. I found the biggest, baddest, and most honorable man in the Caribbean and he just happened to be in the pearl business.”

Peggy is the author of “Fire Flies,” “Hope from the Ocean,” and “The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge.” Check out this page to see book excerpts and video clips from her novels. She writes historical fiction, paranormal romance, adventure, and romance. Peggy writes about what interests her. In addition, she is an avid reader too! Click here to visit her blog and learn more about her novels.

I am really excited about this new book that Peggy has written. It sounds electrifying! Plus, it has all the exciting adventure (I love Pirates!) I look for in a historical romance novel. Sun, sea, sand, and pirates! What more could a girl ask for? Did I forget to mention buried treasure and pearls! You can find the book here on Amazon and Goodreads.

Once I got Peggy subdued, I managed to ask her some questions about her new novel. We just had too much fun!

Peggy, what was your inspiration for your new book, “Demon’s and Pearls?”

I’ve dubbed myself the backwards writer. Now, to explain that I’ll say that twice, I’ve written a book with the intention of continuing forward with the story and ended up wondering why the characters ended up in that situation. So, again with this book, I went backwards in time instead of forward. I began wondering how these four girls became pirates in the first place and the rest is now the real book one.

Is there a specific message that you want your readers to get from this new novel?

As with all of my novels so far, I just want the reader to take away whatever part or parts of the story that moves them. The only message I feel should carry on after the book is read is that women are strong and independent, but we are also deep and loving, as well as protective. Women can do anything they set their minds to.

What was the hardest part about writing your latest book?

Finding time to write. My life is insanely busy most of the time and while I’m writing, I don’t get much sleep.

What advice can you give other aspiring authors?

Besides making time to write, start building your relationships before you even start your first novel. The best place to start is through social media. Follow, friend, stalk or whatever other authors who are getting it done. Do your research. Don’t set limits for yourself when it comes to publishing either. I have worked with a publisher for two years and this is my first completely self-published book. In the future, I may decide to try traditional publishing but do your homework on all counts. Then, write your heart out.

Peggy was born on Valentine’s Day a long, a long time ago in South Baltimore, Maryland, less than a mile from Fort McHenry and Federal Hill. She says she is a very simple person. She loves her life and she is always striving to make it better for herself and her family.

Peggy says, “I write, I draw, and I still work full-time. I’ve been married for 20 years and together we have two sons, a daughter, three beautiful granddaughters and a ten year old Maine Coon cat named Columbus.”

Peggy is a multifaceted author. She dedicates much of her time to Lit World Interviews helping other authors. As an example, here is a video of Peggy teaching other authors how to use text to speech to edit their manuscripts. Please click on the link below:

Thanks for stopping by to meet Peggy Bartlett. Don’t forget to check out her new book, “Demons & Pearls.” As you can see Peggy and I are busy with her book sales, although you can always find her on social media!



Amazon: Fireflies 

Amazon: Hope From the Ocean

Amazon: The Blue Diamond

Fireflies Trailer:

The Blue Diamond Trailer: