Word Snap Weekly–A Pensacola Spring

Word Snap Weekly

If it’s Sunday, it’s Word Snap Weekly with my adorable friend Amanda, from Unique Art Chic.com.  I enjoy this event each week, because it gives me the opportunity to share some of my photography and poetry in a creative way.

Colleen and Amanda WSW 2Join Amanda and I to see where your creativity takes you! Click here to see how to participate.

This week, I am sharing a “shape,” or “concrete” poem that I created in the shape of a flower.  I took this photo last spring of the azaleas that grow wild here in Northwestern Florida.  The pops of color are amazing.  I added my poetry using PicMonkey.  Although we are quite warm, the late frost we had two weeks ago may have stalled any brilliant blossoms from showing up this year.  We will have to see what nature has in store for us.


Thanks for stopping by on this fabulous spring day.  I enjoyed seeing you all!

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28 thoughts on “Word Snap Weekly–A Pensacola Spring”

    1. They seem to grow in abundance here everywhere you look. I have a delicate pale pink azalea planted in my backyard for my one grand daughter. It does have some buds. Fingers crossed. We are slowly getting spring. The weather has been so erratic. 🙂

  1. I’ve a huge azaelea bush in view from my lanai and when it blooms it is mesmerizing.
    I’m in Southwest Florida. We enjoy wonderful floral colors. You’ve showcased your beautifully in your photo. The words blend creating a very nice combination.

    1. Thank you! It’s nice to see a fellow Floridian! I have been watching in the neighborhood and the colors are just not here this year. That lost frost got the buds I think. Hopefully, we will have better luck with the rest of the trees and shrubs. <3

        1. I had to go and follow you! I sure want to see more of your plants and orchids! I have a ginger tropical I planted last year. I hope she blooms and reappears. <3

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