Word Snap Weekly–Fickle Summer Love

Word Snap Weekly

Many thanks to Amanda, from Unique Art Chic for hosting this great challenge each week.  You must visit her blog and see the fabulous spring/fairy creation she fashioned this week!  It is absolutely spectacular.  Amanda and I decided that we are Bitstrips/blog sisters, as we both have the same hair style!  Join us in Word Snap Weekly!

Amanda and I

Colleen and Amanda celebrating Word Snap Weekly

Summer Berries

Sweet auburn berries –

turn tart during autumn’s veil,

fickle summer love.

I had to share some summer memories because most of us in America are still under the influence of Mr. Winter.  Cheer up!  Spring is on its way and will be here soon!  Thanks for stopping by to see what’s up in my neck of the woods!  It was great seeing you again!

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19 thoughts on “Word Snap Weekly–Fickle Summer Love”

  1. My sweet sunflower-Colleen! That’s so lovely!!! Over here spring has come!!! It is amazing. I will post some impressions from Memmingen. It was so wonderful warm already. Hope there is no backslide anymore.

  2. Spring is arriving in my part of Kentucky. I can see the ground with some green grass among the mud, and the trees are reddish with leaves about to open. 51 degrees and going higher each day. Not as warm as Florida, but with MS, I couldn’t handle the Florida heat. Life is good. Hugs, Angie

      1. I didn’t know it ever got cold in Florida Colleen. I know about the hurricanes because I have family living somewhere around the Tampa area, and my family made it out in front of one of them several years ago, but didn’t know it ever got in the low 20’s. We are having the beginning of spring here now in the Ohio River Valley, but if our spring is like our winter, that will mean record flooding in a few weeks. Going from snow skis to water skis. Not fun. I’m building an ark.

        1. It has been a cold winter here in Pensacola, FL. We are close to Alabama in the Panhandle. The spring rains are going to begin this week so that should help. We had about 4 hard freezes. We are about 6 hours northwest from Tampa. We have a daughter there also. 💖

          1. My brother used to live in northern Florida, but I can’t remember where at the moment. It’s been so long since I was able to travel I have just never paid much attention to places. Jacksonville Maybe? Or is that another state? He moved a lot until he got to Atlanta.

  3. I really like the little cartoon images of you. How do you make those? so cute. Is Word Snap always Haiku? I just realized you changed your header as well. Boy I am full of questions and observations. 🙂

    1. LOL Deborah. 💖 These cartoons are called Bitstrips. They are a phone app and connected to Facebook. Word Snap Weekly is any kind of words you want with your photo. Look up Unique Art Chic and you will see her rules. These cartoons are perfect for my blog. We can use them too, per bitstrips so there are no copyright issues. 😆

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