Writing 201: Poetry – A Language Barrier

As part of Writing 201, I humbly submit my rendition of a limerick:

2015-02-17 10.55.52

My journey to England was long ago.

One I am glad I did not forego.

I even learned to drink tea.

I so wanted to be a Brit, you see

alas, the language proved to be too much for me!

We were to use the word, “journey” and to make sure we had alliteration included in the 5 lines.

Thanks for visiting with me today.  I am so glad you stopped by!

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35 thoughts on “Writing 201: Poetry – A Language Barrier

  1. This is funny, would have never thought that. Although I am European I always like American English a lot more than British English.


    1. I actually came back from the U.K. with a British accent for awhile. I had to write a limerick for the poetry class. I thought it was a cute twist at the end to have the language as the barrier. ❤

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      1. So that makes sense! You made yourself exotic. I know a friend who is British and lives in Buffalo. She never ever changed her accent deliberately. She is right. It is part of her history.


        1. I was in my early 20’s when I came back from England. I think I adapt to languages easily because of the sounds. I seem to be able to pick up whatever accent I hear.

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          1. That’s acutally cool. We are reall soul mates. I have the same ability with German dialects. I speak High German, my Viennese dialect and the liechtenstenian dialcet. The dialects are completely differnent but nobody recognizes that I am from Vienna. They get big eyes when they hear that I am not from Liechtenstein.

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          2. Wow. That is cool. I have many Asian friends and can tell the differences between Thai, Chinese, Japanese, etc. I speak a bit of Spanish. I can read it better than say it. 💖

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  2. Oh my, I’ve just laughed myself off the chair, Colleen.

    I would never in a hundred years have been able to write something like that. You should certainly keep this one back and put it in a book somewhere.

    Makes me think of the Grammar Black Market story Ronovan and I have been writing.

    Well done, you ❤


    1. I have honestly never written a limerick before (although I heard plenty in the Pubs around RAF Lakenheath) so I did not have a clue what to do. I hope I have succeeded. Anyway, it was good for a laugh! Yes, it would fit with your grammar story quite well! LOL!

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        1. I loved this Hugh! Wow, you can really understand what they are talking about with rhyming and alieration. Thanks for sending this. 😃

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  3. I’ve never written a limerick nor been to England, but I can go for a cup of tea anytime. You are a multi-talented lady. Love you limerick.


    1. I still drink tea. I was so happy when I could find PG Tips in our local military commissary. I drink coffee too, but tea always reminds me of living in England. ❤

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