I Celebrate Our Love

Vday Challenge

Harry, at Poet’s Corner had an excellent idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Write a L O V E poem!  Go ahead, join in! Follow the link to find out how to participate.


Here we are on our wedding day, April 16th, 1985

I’ve done better… here are three Haiku that I wrote about my husband Ron, and I.  We will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in April, so I felt it appropriate to write some “love”  haikus for him on Valentine’s Day.

Our Ordinate Love

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  I plan on printing this photo out and framing it for him.  This is better than an old Hallmark card any day!  ** Great IDEA here if you are struggling on how to celebrate with the love of your life!  Write a HAIKU. **

Thanks for sharing in our happiness!  Until next time,


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40 thoughts on “I Celebrate Our Love”

    1. Thanks Amanda. Our Anniversary is a few months off, but today is Ron’s birthday and Saturday is V-day, so I thought my haiku were perfect to give to him. <3

  1. Congratulations on 30 years of love and joy! Your haiku is beautiful and he’ll love it!
    Your wedding day photo is great!! Thank you for sharing this important part of your life with us:))
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!❤️❤️

  2. Congratulations on your Anniversary and the many good years of your marriage. I like the last few lines describing your life together in the present. Happy Valentine’s Day. <3

  3. You are such a romantic, Colleen, and Ron is a very lucky man as I’m sure he already knows from the day he first met you.

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and enjoy each others company over the weekend. I know you guys see each other every day, but live it like the day you got married to each other.

    1. Awww Hugh that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said said to us. Thank you so much. We will have a nice weekend. We are a bit under the weather at present. I think we are just worn out, so a few days of leisure will be fabulous. I hope you and John have a fabulous Valentine’s Day too. <3

      1. Oh no, well I hope you both feel better soon. I know you’ve been doing some DIY at home and having new floor coverings laid, etc, so I can understand why you both need a few days to relax.

        Take care. xx

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