You Want to Write a Book?

I wanted to write a book for years and I had so many ideas that I could not ever settle on an idea to move forward.  I immobilized myself with self-doubt and thought-chaos.  Here is another fine graphic to get you on your writing path found on Natasha Lester, Author.


I am at stage 3 moving into stage 4 at a rapid pace, as thoughts culminate and move through my mind and into the keyboard before me.  I had no idea it was like this for everyone… I thought it was just me!  I feel liberated!

Thanks for checking on me today.  I have to get back to my keyboard.  I will see you again,


25 thoughts on “You Want to Write a Book?

  1. Happy New year Colleen ; know what you mean about immobilisation of ourselves through self doubt and happy for you that you have overcome this, the lovely post here is a great little reminder to self of how progressing through the steps is much the same for everyone; but seeing it like this with the end in sight is like a tonic . Kindest Regards Kathy.

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    1. Florence,thank you for your support. I am a novice so the road is long. I feel right on my present path- so far. 😄

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    1. I think it applies to any writing. Even when I work on a short story it is similar. Glad it helps. ❤


  2. Not sure if it gets easier with time, but I think some of the steps get shorter. But every writer is different. Now, my motto is ‘keep going’. Looking forward to your book…:)

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  3. I am at stage 2, and loved this post! I can relate to them totally, and knowing that there is definitely going to be progress to the next stage is a huge help! Thank you for this! 🙂

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