Word Snap Weekly–“Impermanence”

Word Snap Weekly

It’s Sunday, and Amanda, from Unique Art Chic, has created a fabulous new challenge called, “Word Snap Weekly.”


Amanda says,  (Click the badge to see her post)

WORD SNAP WEEKLY” Instructions:

“A unique weekly challenge designed to inspire creativity from photographers, visual artists and creative writers.

  • There are no formal themes or set prompts, you are free to choose your own – this can be quite challenging but it’s guaranteed to fire up your imagination and creativity.
  • Use the snapshot/image that most inspires you – be as creative as you like. Then add your words, you may explore any form of creative writing you wish.


Examples of styles

I will write a new post each Sunday approx 12 pm (GMT), which will announce the new week as open. Entries can be linked to my post anytime until the following Sunday.

I will credit all the previous weeks entries and share your links on Twitter.

For the shorter variety of posts, e.g. quotes, there is no reason why you can’t enter the challenge from other forms of social media if you wish to, e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc. You will need the URL address of the actual image and not your account.

Please Note: This page is just for information purposes. You will need to link up with my current weeks post to enter. (See ‘Word Snap Weekly’ on my menu)”

I enjoy the creativity of this challenge because you can use your words how you like paired with your own images.  Join in the fun!  

This week, I used a snapshot of the beach in late November 2014 with a Haiku in English to accompany.  I was struck by the footprints in the sand from others who walked there before me, and how they are wiped clean from the waves of the ocean in only an instant.  To me this was all about the impermanence of life.

Calm Before the Storm

Thanks for visiting me on this rather stormy Sunday.  I always enjoy seeing all of you!

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7 thoughts on “Word Snap Weekly–“Impermanence””

  1. I always feel it’s a spiritual thing to see footprints on the beach. It’s fun too, to walk in someone’s footsteps on the sand – somehow they never quite fit my stride, which just shows all of us how individual we are. Fab post and haiku Colleen 💞


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