Pixel Prose Challenge: The Weeping Lady

The Slough

The time of darkness is almost upon us,

as swirling fog, damp with moisture clings

to deep black silhouettes of trees

starkly lit by the greyness of the evening sky.

Night birds scatter – inky shadows flitting about

nearing the barren edges of the slough,

as falling leaves shower the grasses

stirring in the cool drafts of the night.

Darkness descends, a blanket of ebony gloom

enveloping and protecting, holding her tight

as the weeping lady sings lyrics dipped in fright

glorifying her impending doom.


(Photo credit: Ghost in the Forest)

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved www.silverthreading.com

pixel-prose-challenge-post-logo-c2a9-www-uniqueartchic-com Sponsored by Amanda, of Unique Art Chic


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I hope you enjoyed my scary poem just in time for Halloween.  I can’t wait to scare see you again,

Silver Threading


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