Sugar and Spice in Montana



This is a picture of Spice and Sugar when we lived in Montana.  They are Pomeranians and I wanted to show them with their full coats.  We keep them trimmed living here in Florida for the obvious reasons… too hot for all that fur!  Last week some folks were wondering what breed they were.


Pomeranians have two coats.  They are well suited to the cold winters of Germany.  They are actually miniature Spitz bred down in size to become their own breed.  You can learn more about them at  AKC-Get to Know the Pomeranian.  They are little dogs with HUGE personalities! ❤ ❤



I am glad to be part of Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.  Sugar and Spice love all the attention too! ❤

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    1. I love them too. These girls are not pure bred. Sisters from the same litter but I think Spice, the smaller one has Long-Haired Chichuahua in her too. Sugar looks like a Pom. Our first Pom was an all black male. We named him Pu-Chai which means black in Thai. He lived for 14 years. ❤

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  1. Both cute as ever. I would imagine they are so relieved to have their fur clipped. Toby hates the heat and he has a thick corse coat being an outside herder breed. He’s a bit like me enjoying the cooler Autumn days and nights, when we can both sleep because the humidity has gone for another year.

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