Joe Patti’s Seafood Adventure

Tabitha is here!  We took a trip down to the beach this morning.  it was a balmy 86 degrees!

2014-10-09 10.47.34

After that we took a little trip to pick up some seafood at Joe Patti’s world famous Fish Market here in Pensacola, Florida.

2014-10-09 12.00.55     2014-10-09 12.00.59

This is the front of the market.

2014-10-09 12.02.21     2014-10-09 12.10.44

2014-10-09 12.15.23     2014-10-09 12.18.23

2014-10-09 12.17.16

Here is Joe Patti himself.  He said it was a pleasure to take care of such beautiful ladies Smile

Joe Patti's Pensacola, FL

We bought shrimp, scallops, Mahi-Mahi, grouper, and salmon.  Tabitha wanted to come to the Gulf Coast and have seafood and seafood is what we will eat.  We are really having a great time!

Thanks for stopping by to see what we are up to.  I always enjoy seeing you all.

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16 thoughts on “Joe Patti’s Seafood Adventure”

  1. This seafood place looks fantastic! Oh, how I do miss the ocean *sigh* It looks like you had a great time and I’ll bet that fish was so fresh and delicious 😀

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  2. great photos! mahi mahi?? and you eat grouper? or is that an American name for something else? I used to live at a beach suburb in Sydney with open to the ocean baths. There was a resident, very large, very famous, blue grouper- popular snorkeling spot. I lived half a block from the beach and I could always tell when “Bluey” was close in- a traffic jam of snorkelers! The beach is magic, isn’t it?

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    1. Grouper is a fish found in the Gulf of Mexico. White flesh. So good. We love the beach. Sugar white sand, turquoise and deep blue ocean… just heaven ♡


  3. Sounds like you are having a great time with your daughter, Colleen. I wish I could have joined you for that seafood dinner, it sounds great. I’d even have brought a few bottles of wine. Strangely, I hate going in the sea, but I love to eat what comes out of it 🙂
    Have a wonderful time and I look forward to reading all about it.


    1. My other daughter Amy comes today so we will have a great time. I made sangria so there will be wine! Today is grouper and scallops!

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  4. I’ve been to Joe Patti’s when we went to Pensacola. The atmosphere was great.


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