Be Inspired By the Community

Today’s assignment in Blogging 101: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!  Did you mention a personal connection to what was written? Tell that story, using the original discussion as a starting point for yours.

I stumbled upon another blogger yesterday that I had an instant connection with after reading her About page – she is another Wisconsinite!  Her blog is called, “ Johanna Is Thinking” – “Footprints of Thoughts.”  I know you all will find great inspiration from her blog.


(Image credit: Map of Wisconsin counties)

I know that sometimes we meet each other in the blogging world and enjoy our company together through the reading of each other’s thoughts.  We make instant connections because we sense a likeness or sometimes even a uniqueness.  We feel comfortable with these other bloggers, almost as if we already know them.  Some people speak to your heart more than others.  Johanna is one of those people.

It could be because she was a Language Arts teacher – my favorite kind of teacher!  I also know because she is from Wisconsin, we share a bond that is forged from where we were born and where we came from.  She actually was familiar with my home town of Milwaukee.  That is a rare find.  In addition, she traveled the world and lived and worked in a different land, specifically Kenya, Africa.

I traveled extensively while I served in the Air Force and lived in the U.K. for three years.  There is something about living in a foreign country.  It makes you appreciate the land of your birth for many different reasons.  My travels continued even though I never went back to Wisconsin to live again.  In comparison, Johanna went back to Wisconsin and still resides there.

I also loved that Johanna had stretched her religious wings and embraced Buddhist meditation.  I am a Theravada Buddhist having left the teachings of the Lutheran Church when I was quite young.  I had a calling as a Buddhist and I have followed that path toward my own spirituality for over 35 years now.


It is interesting the friendships you form in the blogging world.  The connections I have made with several bloggers this short five months have been some of the most fulfilling in my life.  Do not be afraid to comment on other blogs.  You never know the friendship that will blossom or who you will find.

Thanks for sharing this sweet story with me today.  I know I will see you all again,

Silver Threading

8 thoughts on “Be Inspired By the Community

  1. dear Colleen, What a beautiful post! I am happy to have met you as well! Hey, I also lived in London, England for a year while in the second convent, the “Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (White Sisters was their pseudonym because of their White Habits…but they are an international order, with people of every culture and race). Yes, indeed, blogging is a world of wonder and has brought me together with a number of people in an intimate way with the words we share. I am so pleased to have met you! And we share Buddhist thought as well! Yes…the spirituality of Mindfulness appeals to my inner spirit.

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    1. Johann I am glad to have met you also. I so look forward to getting to know you better. It is always so fulfilling to find a kindred spirit. Glad you enjoyed the post. The WordPress Community has been a joy to be part of. Thanks again. I will be visiting your blog often ❤


    1. My husband was at Eglin AFB also. He retired after 24 years. How interesting that we were at many of the same places. That is the military for you!


  2. Hi Colleen, such wise words from you. I can not understand anyone saying to me that they could not possibly leave a comment about a post they have read and liked. When I have asked why that is, they never seem to be able to answer or they just give very silly reasons.
    Like you, I have got to know some wonderful people since joining WordPress and starting my blog back in February this year. Those people have bought me so much confidence, friendship and joy which has made life for me even more special. And, just about everyday, I seem to make friends with a few more bloggers which is just simply wonderful.
    Thank you for your friendship and becoming one of those special bloggers.


    1. Thank you for your friendship Hugh. I look forward to each and everone of your comments and posts! You too are one of those new friends I instantly felt comfortable with! ♡

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