Squash babies–new seedlings

I had a pleasant surprise this morning in the garden.  After thunder storms rolled through Pensacola last night I knew I had to survey the damage.  I have just resigned myself to the fact that if there is thunder, lightening, rain, and wind in my area of Florida… there will be some damage somewhere to my landscape. 

Sure enough, potted tomatoes were blown over and my bird feeder had split open, as if nature decided to burst its contents for a bird feast.  The feeder hung there all askew, seeds dripping from the branch of the tree I had hung it from.  I dumped it out and made my way through the soggy grass to my various gardens. 

All of the damage was superficial and really of no consequence.  I picked some banana peppers and green peppers that looked a bit weary from the storm.  I glanced over to where I had replanted my spaghetti squash 5 days ago or so, and lo and behold – there they were!  New seedlings, bright green and ready to climb the trellis. 

2014-06-11 13.07.09

At the same time, my Brazilian Plume had begun to flower

2014-06-11 13.07.46

That is what I like the most about gardening.  There are always do-overs.  If the plants don’t make it you can always plant more seeds.  Happy gardening!

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